Sep 3, 2009

So what if i'm very rude....

Supposed i wanted to post about this incident happened yesterday..but due to so many works in office, i have to postpone writing about this stupid and paling bikin panassssssss story.
So it happened yesterday after i came back from lunch. The office phone rang and somebody was looking for me. Idiot betul..if i knew what gonna happen, sorry lah kena jawap the call. So this was the conversation i had with that stupid idiot.
Idiot : Hello! Can i speak to Madam 'bla...bla..bla..' (me lah tu)
Me : Yes! speaking..
Idiot : Yes mam..I'm Idiot (hahahah i forgot her name) calling from M*F bank. This is regarding an insurance protection for your credit card. Can you spare few minutes of your time? (yerighhhtt!!! few minutes kepala hotak la!)
Me : erkkkk...few minutes?? Yeah..sure...
Idiot : Do you know there is insurance that protect your credit balance in case you blaa..blaaa..contracted the 36 critical illnesses, accident, permanent disablility..blaaa blaaa blaaa???
Me : Yes..i know..
Idiot : Oh? so today i'm calling you to offer you this very good benefit of having a protection..blaaaa..blaaaa..blaaaa (too lazy to write everything)
Idiot : So i will transfer your call the department to confirm your purchase of this hold on..
Me : Aik?? Wait a minute miss..I didn't say i want to buy your insurance..
Idiot : Why? You don't have to think about's a very good and reasonable plan where you only have to pay little money to get your credit balance protected..Every RM100 outstanding, you only need to pay 68cents for the current month...and blaaaaa...blaaaaa...blaaaa
Idiot : So shall we proceed?
Me : No..sorry..i don't think i want to buy the insurance..Thanx for calling anyway..
Idiot : *Start to raise her voice* Why Mam?? any particular reason why you don't want to purchase the insurance?
Me : No reason..just don't want to buy it..
Idiot : But it's a good plan...everybody i called today already bought's for your own good..
Me : No thanx ( she already babble more than 10 minutes)..
Idiot : *angry* Why?? Tell me why you don't want to buy it? What's the reason?
Me : No reason miss..i just don't want to buy it..that's all..*i was still cooooool that time*
Idiot : *makin marah* There must be a reason why you don't want it a burden to you? It's is only 68cent every RM100 of your outstanding balance you know..
Me : No miss..I don't want it..
Idiot : But why?? What's is the reason you don't want it????????
OMG! The idiot can't stop asking me even though i already answered her like 20times why i don't want it. My answer is simple..I'm not Interested with it! But idiot can't stop asking...WHY??? WHY??? and WHY??
Idiot : *super annoying tone* Why you not interested with it?? what is the reason??? Is it hard for you to pay 68 cents?
Me : (Stupid Idiot just can't understand what i'm saying) *raised my voice* No!! i can pay the 68cents, but i'm not i don't want to buy it.
Idiot : Ya lah! But there must be a reason RIGHTTT? *enraged*
Me : NO!! REASON!!!!! I'M NOT INTERESTED!!!!!! *kabooommmmm..exploded*. Which part you don't understand??? I don't want to buy it because i'm not interested..!!!! Get it???
Idiot : Give me one reason why you are not interested??
Hung up the phone....
LOL!!! Like super rude juga lah si kaDusMama kan??? But if you were me..i'm sure you will get angry if stupid idiot like that keep pestering you to give an answer why you don't want to buy their insurance!! some more i haven't agree i want to buy it, she pandai-pandai want to transfer my call already!!! Never in my life i'm being sooooooooo rude like that..but that idiot was really idiot lah!!!!!
Imagine she want to sell her Nasi Lemak..offer to Abu to buy it, but Abu not interested! Takkan lah want to force Abu to buy the Nasi Lemak kan??? And ask the reason why he doesn't want it, kan?????? Eeeeeeeeeeee...whenever i think about the incident, i got riled up again! Feel like calling the bank and complain about the Staff being rude like a bull@!!!!!!! Luckily i forgot her name. If not..i will lodge a report to Bank Negara if needed!! Hahahaa...
Hehee..1 week no update blog, sekali complaining pulak! :) Hehehe Anywayyyyyy....I'm going back to Sabah tomorrow..hehehehe!! Happynyaaaa!!! Will be MIA again nie..So wish you guys, HAPPY WEEKEND IN ADVANCE! :)
Hope to meet a blogger or two in Sabah.. :) But of course, before i say tata again, why not check the term life insurance quote here..hehehehhe!! You probably want to know about it..
So ok lah...


Lyne said...

I understand.
Try to irritate them the next time.
Instead of saying 'I can pay the 68cents... try saying 'yes, it's the 68cents, I can't afford it. Perhaps you would consider to donate to my charity too.

belleOFranau said...

emmm...durg desperate bah to..want to make raya money kan..tulah durg mau sale...emm..ingnore jak...mimang bikin panas...len kali ko eja tu NOT INTERESTED ma dia..mungkin dia baru paham...hehehe

Evelyn LG said...

:D mmg bikin panas.. I got the same calls.. quite a number of time.. but pa bleh buat la.. I too said .. Not interested and thanks for the offer bye.. mebbe my last word was BYE.. trus end of story bah :D

Mauve Ocean Blue said...

Good answer to each question. Anyway, HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!

AngeL BeaR said...

huuu...if i yg kena..sure that caller menyesal punya.

Choc Mint Girl said...

Aik, nda paham bahasa! I received the same call before. The girl claimed she was calling from AirAsia selling insurance juga ni. Memang 'kin panas la! Desperate betul ish!! Nanti urang nda dapat bayar, diorang yang berabis2an mo antar reminder/warning letter. Chet!! K, c u on Sun! Harap2 time tu perut sya ok suda.

KaDusMama said...

Lyne ~ Hi to you.. :) Thanx for dropping by here..
Maybe i should try your way next time

Belle ~ sia meradaaaaannnnggggg sudah berabis kan..nda juga bah tu orang paham bah..sepa lah nda tensen kan

Evelyn LG ~ mula2 sia cakap bagus bah tu sia nda minat, tapi tu orang buduh juga mau paksa beli..nda sempat pun sia mau cakap BYE..hahaha

KaDusMama said...

Mouren ~ iya..good answer, tapi idiot tu nda paham..hehehe

Angel Bear ~ ehehehe...she should call u instead of me! baru dia tau.

Choc Mint Girl ~ itu lah tu cuz..buduh sia rasa..kalau orang nda mau, jan lah bah paksa kan..bangang sekali..pastu p marah orang pulak sebab nda mau beli..
And yes..see you on sun..hehehehehe Jan lupa pakai baju biru..Theme colour dia biru tu..

Vienne said...

okay...if i yang kena sure i will get angry...i think salesperson always like that...forcing us to have same things and all their product/service is better than anyone else.which i really dunt like...Btw, u r not rude, but they are..hehe

Nick Phillips said...

Woohoo! Hooray! Way to go Kadusmama! What you did was wonderful. I would have screamed at her too, though I wouldn't have waited 10 minutes ... LOL!

Ken.MrsGraig said...

Kadus..telampau la bah..tia pandai paham2..bilang buduh tidak jg..keja di bank jg kan...desperate bah tu mo babe *-*

chegu carol said...

if that caller is a man, i am pretty sure it's the very same person who called me last year and i had to face the same situation like u. berabis mau tau apa reason sia tida interested sama durang pnya offer. sia pun hung up the phone.

and now, everytime i receive calls from area code 03, sia tida angkat tu. if it's really an urgent call from my bank, they will leave a message on my voicemail. but none so far, so my guess those 03 numbers are those idiot telemarketers. i know they are just doing their job but stop annoying ppl like that la....

sia pun panas ni ingat2 balik kita pnya same situation.

Uncle Greg said...

bagus juga ko kan buli layan dia, kalu sia tu trus teriak and hang up, jan layan bah durang ni

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

ohhh marahnya saya baca tu conversation kmu.. kenapa la ada org gitu stupit main paksa2 beli & marah kalau urg namau beli product durg aa.. heiii.. sabar2 jua kadusmama, tabik la sama ko ni sbb last2 bru ko 'melatup'.. hehe.. kalau sa mengkali dr awal suda swearing2 kali tu.. :p

Little Inbox said...

I hate this tactic! Like forcing ppl to enroll only. They got to respect us as a consumer ma. We have the right to say NO!

Mama Mia said...

urang yg tida paham2 bahasa mcm ni la yg buat sia malas mo layan telemarketers. cis!!

elcynthia 엘신티아 said...

hahaha... T, T... your anger made my day. LOL~~~ mmg sangat bikin panas la tu orang. adakah tanya WHY ?? aigoo... bagus lain kali terus hang-up jak orang mcm tu. ^^

Ann said...


org nda mo beli , say thanks and kasi letak la tlefon. Knapa mo marah2?? Astagaaaa ada jg org bgini d dunia punya sandi *saying astaga for 10-30 times*

Gila eh! Bgus oo ko buli lg sabar2 at 1st.. if me.. mmg meletop.. sudala tiba2 mo kasi transfer ur call knun ko mo trus bli.. pnya palui *laughing* hahahaha

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

Haha! kurang asam punya bank! Ti, sa pun perna kana juga tu. dari CI*B bank. Dia offer sa insurance, sa bilang sa busy. dia sana juga mau cakap. sa bilang tia mau, trus dia bilang " kenapa RM50 mahal ka? RM40 la.." .. sinang2 ja dia kasi discount ni. buduh punya wurang. hahaha

ba,ti.. jumpa bsuk. tata

imelda said...

prank calls are so iritating especailly at the wee hours

Jess said...

When I receive such call, I will request the caller to answer my question first before I answer their question.

My question is simple.

"Do I need to Pay "

"If Yes, then I m not interested to know your offer, sorry"

"If No, then you can tell me more"

reanaclaire said...

i always rec this time of calls on and off... each time they recommend, i will say, sorry, i m busy now.. working, and i m not interested.. most of them quickly apologised and hung up .. so far, nv come across one like u did..hahaha.. terrible la..

Nessa said...

Memang ko penyabar betul la KadusMama... kalau sia tu, sia suda hang up in less than 1 minute... hehe

Ba, share2 la gambar wedding kio :)

emelda said...

Buduh oh kan orang ni kadang kadang ..inda mengerti bahasa langsunG!

next time kalau dia pandai pandai offer mau hantar pi bagi tu processing det..biar dia... but before tersambung..kau hang up ja ba...LOL! Kalau dia call balik..ignore ja trus

Mummy Zuan said...

ada juga urang begini bah...

chegu carol said...

Ok, reminder.
Date this entry posted: Sept 3rd.
Today is Sept 10th.
Ada apa2 yg baru? hehehe

JPP Papa said...

hahahaha... ngam tu kadusmama. sia sukung. sia puas kena gini ni.

biar dia bla bla bla.. i stop him/her by asking is this conversation recorded... if he/she said yes recording now, well i answer back ... my name is.. bla bla bla... i do not want your offer or whatever you asking me now. period. do you understand, if you keep asking me again, you are actually harassing me and i do not like it. i will make a report on you if you call me again. thank you. do you have anything more to say? Trus dia say thank you for your mr.

sioknye.. dah 4 kali sia buat gitu. trus paham bah.

sia macam si chegu carol tu. asal number 03 saja.. sorry ndak angkat. if really important leave a message or email me.

until one day, kawan sia dr KL call pun sia ndak angkat.. miss 7 kali... hahahaha....

oh ya for the record, today already 12th Sept... stop blogging lah kita... continue back to FB GT kan :D LOL~

KaDusMama said...

Hi guysss...sorry lah! Been MIA from blogging for so long many things happened and i barely have time to breathe now..
Will answer all the comments when i'm able to do so..

And to papajoneh...akakakakaka I LOVE your way..punya siok ko cakap macam tu..if i'm in Sabah, maybe i can ignore the unwanted call, but since i'm in KL..that's not possible..heheheheh sini suma pun start 03-...however tu orang yang call sia tu, dia nda called my hp but call my office..celaka kan..!

kenwooi said...

wah kept pestering..
if me.. i also naik angin edy.. lol..

term life insurance said...

Thanks for the post :)