Dec 4, 2009

^___^ Hello!!!!!

Hi Guysss!!! :D
I know! I have abandon my blog these past few weeks (or is it 1 year already????? LOL)
Not that i have no story to tell, i have loadsssssssssssssssss of update actually. I have more than 5 un-posted posts. Few attempts to finish all the posts, but my 'effort' was unsuccessful. I guess i have to delete all the post and just post this one.
I'm sure you are wondering my absence from the blogospehere, right? Exam finished..but why the hell kaDusMama still has no time to blog? Well...there are few reason actually.
*My daughter (Inesha) was sick 2 weeks ago. For 3 days she was unable to eat or even drink her milk. So this poor mommy was in a terrible mood seeing her baby in that condition, she didn't even bother about other stuffs. I don't even have time to clean my house, let alone update my blog.
**Crazy workloads. Yup! Lots of incoming projects. As i'm 1/2 in admin and 1/2 in Operation Department, i just can't get my works finished. For your info, i have no assistant or whatsoever in the office, so i have to manage everything by myself.
***Nah! Not blaming Facebook this time. I spent less time in FB (Yerighhhtttt!!!!! :P), and i only online during office hour. I rarely online at home now. Something happened in ghost trappers game recently, and i lost my interest in this game now. Well, i still play actually, but not like i used to last time.
I can't move these two pix to where i want to put it! Chis!!!
****I'm in a Jelly and Cookies now..hehehehhee Been spending my time baking cookies (that got burnt! HAHAHA) and of course making lotsssssss of jelly for my kids. Now i know, baking cookies is not easy, spent 4 hours to get only a jar of cookies??????? Ngrrrrr!!!!!!
My burnt cookies...akakakakak celaka the oven!!! I hate it, coz it caused my cookies to be burnt. (maybe it was me who was stupid and don't know how to use it! Hahahah) Who want a Samsung Microwave????? I only used it once and i tell you, i don't really like it. I'm selling it at the price of RM150. Next time lah i post the brand new microwave photo ya. Whoever wants it, i'm happy to sell it to you. Hehehehehhehehe
Anyway..something not really nice happened to my daughter recently. As it is a school holiday now, my mother in-law, Isaac and Inesha want to spend their time with my Sis-in Law and family in Sitiawan, Perak. Bla..bla..bla (to cut my story short) last tuesday, 1st Dec, Inesha celebrated her 3rd birthday (which make me so sad as me and hubby were unable to celebrate inesha's birthday with her). One day after that, my MIL gave me a scary call about Inesha. It was 7pm when my MIL called me about Inesha injuring herself after she pulled a curtain. I don't really understand what my MIL told me and the fact that my baby was injured cause me to be in a terrible shock. The only things i heard was, my daughter head was bleeding very badly and the medical cost will be RM1000+++ to fix the injury. I don't think i can hear anything after that. Passed my phone to hubby, and second after, i was crying non-stop thinking about my poor baby.
I never feel so scared like that in my whole life. And i don't know why i expect the worst to happen to Inesha. I was picturing her head with her skin opened and she was crying uncontrollably. Me and hubby rushed back to Perak that nite (it was already 8pm when we left from home). I was still sobbing in the car and every time i think how painful it will be to get a skin stitched, my tears were like a waterfall again. Hubby probably was speechless that nite, he didn't know what to say to me. When we reached Teluk Intan (60km before we reach Sitiawan), my MIL called again and update us that Inesha's injury was not as bad as she initially thought. Phewwwwwwww!!!! I was feeling better when she told us that..but i was not convinced until i see my daughter myself.
We reached Sitiawan around 10.30pm and i didn't even bother to take my dinner before i see my daughter. Reached my SIL house, me and hubby were greeted by Isaac who was so happy to see us.
Isaac : HELLLOOOO!!!!!! (he was very excited alright)
Me : How's Inesha?
Isaac : Her head was bleeding. Kepala Bocor already...(the exact word he said to me..hehehe)
When i saw my daughter..then only i feel better as she was giving me her cheeky smile. MIL told us that Inesha was playing and pulling the curtain when the handle dropped right on her head. Thank God the cut was very small and require no stitches at all.
I was using my cheap h/p to take this photo. So it's not very clear. But rest assure, the injury wasn't that bad. It was the blood that causing my MIL to panic. Imagine blood dripping on the floor..
30 minutes after that, me and hubby head back to KL. We reached home around 2am. We were tired, but can you imagine i still can watch the AXN channel until 3am? HAHAHA Crazy right!
So yeah..that's about my update after missing for quite sometimes. I'm wondering how's everybody? I did visit few blogs, but i didn't leave any comment. Sorry lah..
Well, i hope i won't go missing again after this. Hehehehe Everybody should remind me to update my blog when i don't update it..heheheh Till then ~tata~


Nick Phillips said...

Whoa, that must have been some scare! Glad that your lil girl is okay and it wasn't anything more serious :D

Oh and here's my reminder reminding you to update your blog ... LOL!

KaDusMama said...

Nick Philips ~ Yeah..i was really scared and shocked that nite..Mind went blank, and i cannot stop crying..
She was jumping in excitement when she saw us that nite..HAHAHA

Wyne Ren @ Mauve Ocean Blue said...

Aiyoo Ty...nasib di kepala...kalu di muka, adei!

SJB said...

Welcome back (*_*). Your daughter so cute lah.

Choc Mint Girl said...

Sakit jantung sya baca, cuz! Nasib baik tidak serious, but doi, painful bah tu jatuh di kepala, budak lagi.

KaDusMama said...

Mouren ~ masih juga sia sakit jantung walaupun di kepala..

SJB ~ HI!!!!! She has my look..hahahahaha

Choc Mint Girl ~ Iya bah! sia lagi sakit jantung masa kena call..memang sia menangis berabis nie..nasib nda teruk jjga..

chegu carol said...

uishhhh punya suspen tu fon kol MIL ko tu. smpai rm1000 lagi tu kunu medical bill kan...anyways, glad to hear that inesha is ok. memang bikin sakit jantung owh...

Nessa said...

So glad Inesha is OK... kesian gia kana hantuk kepala sampai 'bocor' (borrow Isaac's word)!

Wah, baking cookies oredi now ah. Dapat one jar is OK ba... nasib baik inda suma hangus... hehe

Deana E said...

hahaha..i hate baking cookies..too much work.but at least your tried. it is fun when u have help and people to eat those cookies..

KaDusMama said...

Chegu Carol ~ Iya bah!!! Tu yang sia panik dengar tu..when she told me the medical bill 1000+++, wah sia imagine kepala inesha yang teruk luka tu..nasib juga nda..

Nessa ~ Helloooo!! :D Iya, si isaac mau cakap luka bah kali tu, tapi dia nda tau, tu lah dia cakap bocor tu..heheheheee
Anyway..sia ada buat pineapple tart semalam, tapi nda sedap! Chis!!

Deana ~ Iya!! Too much work to do, and i hate the cleaning process..

Aunty J said...

Oh dear...i would be in tears if i were you too...even if Ethan got a small cut I would be so hurt imagine if you hear fr MIL saying your child got a very bad will tear my heart out! But thank God it wasn't as bad as you thought it was and happy to hear she was still able to gv u a cheeky smile when you arrived :)