Dec 17, 2012

Soda Gembira at Warung Leko

It was family day out yesterday and also my last day to go out to shop for Christmas. Walking here and there...tired as we were...hubby brought us to Warung Leko that serve Indonesian Food for dinner (at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara)
The menu...goodness me! It was so hard to understand the foods name as the names, are in Indonesian Words. But particular drink...caught my attention. The SODA GEMBIRA! haha... Ordered it, and after I drank it...Really...I WAS SO GEMBIRA! :P

Cut my story short....the foods were very nice..especially the Ayam Penyet...Ikan telipia goreng was ok (not that wowwwww) ... The sambal belacan with level of spiciness : Not spicy, Medium Spicy, Spicy and Extra Spicy, will make you eat  more that you intend to. Oh! the kangkung (kangkung was not in the picture..LOL) was very nice too... nyummmm



ES JERUK DEGAN - orange juice + coconut? @_@

Price of foods are reasonable I think. But for sure, I will definitely go back for the ayam penyet soon. 

Now...I better do my work before my boss come to the office.. :)

Chiao ~