Jun 22, 2009

Selamat Hari Bapa

I know..i know i'm way to late wish all the wonderful father out there.. but better late than never kan.. :) So...
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the fathers out there
My father's celebration was normal. I went to Port Dickson to visit my FIL yesterday, however my kids are not with me as my MIL brought them along with her back to Sitiawan again. Only me and hubby went Port Dickson..kesian kan!! And the bad part of all..I didn't wish hubby this time!! HAHAHAHAH why should i? He is not my father what (Balas balik the exact line hubby told me last time)..Nasib baik Isaac called hubby last nite to wish him a Father's Day.
My father pulak is very far away from here, i only can call and wish him yesterday.
So..that's about it lah..hehehehe To My Dad, The Father of my kids, Nick Phillips, Papajoneh, Lab Papa, Ornest..hmmmmm who else ah?? Happy Father's Day to you all.. :)


Lab papa said...

Hahaha TQ, dont forget Hombidai too bah hahahah. Anyways, we didn't do anything special and I actually forgot about farther's day due to my seminar preparation keh keh keh.

p/s Ok ma 2 org jak p PD, romantik2 gitu huhuhuh

Choc Mint Girl said...

Haha, pembalasan si pitung ka ni?? :)

Nessa said...

LOL! Ada main balas2 lagi ba... hehe

Sia pun inda buy apa2 for my Papa, jauh ba and then di kampung teda pos box address.

Nick Phillips said...

Thank you :D

Wah, you pandai take revenge ah? LOL!

KaDusMama said...

Lab Papa ~ Iya!!! Si hombi lagi..eh tapi napa sia nda nampak update dari dia sudah ah???

Choc Mint Girl ~ HAHHAAA!! Iya..pembalasan si Pitung tu!! AKAKA

Nessa ~ My hubby yang cakap dulu tu..hahah jadi sia ikut jak lah stail dia.. :)
Kesian kita nie kan jauh dari family di sabah.. :(

KaDusMama said...

Nick Phillips ~ Sekali sekala mah!! HAHAHAHHAA