Jun 10, 2009

I'm soooooo nervous!!

Aduhhh..suddenly i miss my kids very..very much!! :( It has been 3 days since i play with them, and now..UWAHHHHHHH!!!! I miss to play 'tickle-tickle' with my daughter..and i miss hearing isaac nonsense about his superhero..As i mentioned before, my kids are spending their days at hubby's hometown in Sitiawan, and that left me and hubby alone here..
I'm not sure why..but it felt so weird going back and nobody greet me at the front door. Worst..my house is soooooooooo quiet..! No isaac laugh..no inesha singing..!! Hubby is soooo busy playing poker, i spent my free time watching TV!! *sigh*
Somre more, I have to change my plan to celebrate my 11th anniversary. Me and hubby were supposed to check-in at the Palace Beach Spa on the 13th June, but turned out, all rooms and chalet are fully booked. Tsk! tsk! hancur harapan..then i check the palace of golden horses hotel, and it's the same too..fully booked!! Aiyaaaaa...
Terpaksa lah book our room on 12th (this friday). The best thing is, instead of staying in the normal deluxe room at Palace of the Golden horses hotel, we are going to stay 1 nite in a Minister suite!! hehehehehheheeee
This is the minister suite! The last time i stayed here was last year..hmmmm same reason. To celebrate me and hubby anniversary..
Well..I'm not really worry about paying RM900 per night as i don't really have to pay it!! hehehe As i mentioned in one of my posts, I'm a member of Palace vacation Club. So that means, I'm entitled to stay 7 nites in any of their affliates resorts and hotels.
If only i can stay in the Golden Suite!!! HAHAHAAAA Nasib cannot!! It's the room where the celebrities stayed tau!!
Not sure when lah i can stay in the Golden Suite. Maybe can dream only! The rate for one night here is..........Guees?????? RM12,000.00!!!!!!! Crazy kan?? But all the celebrities stay here anyway. Banyak duit and kaya kan..
The C.Club
Photo borrowed from http://juliansi.blogspot.com
About our dinner..I decided to have a dinner at The C.Club at The pavillion. Heard so many good reviews about this restaurant. Foods are great, wine is great, desert is superb and many-many other good reviews lah. Now..i don't really go to a very expensive and very classy restaurant to have my dinner. But i just remember, i won something during our company lucky draw (CNY that time)!
I thought i was sooooooooooo unlucky to win a Carat Club Gift Cert worth RM400 early this year as there is no way i can afford to buy their diamonds mah. One custom-made diamond ring already cost 3 years of my salary. But...but.. thank god, i can use the certs i won to dine-in in their restaurant!! HAHA so now, i can stay in a nice room and have a nice dinner with hubby in a fancy restaurant!!
RM400 worth of cert! Hehehee Untung juga menang these certs masa CNY! I thought want to sell it out and auction it in my blog already. Nasib i changed my mind and decided to keep it.
Now.....I'm soooooooooooo damn nervous waiting for friday to come! Eeeeeeee....I feel like first time want to go out dating saja! Me and hubby will take 1/2 day leave on friday and saturday so that we can spend more time 'together-gether'. Hehee Not sure what boss will say, but heck if we care!! HAHAHAA That's when a husband and wife work together in a same company. Satu cuti, the other one sure take cuti too..hahahahaa
Anyway..i hope my days will go as i plan it to be..! Oh..in case some of you wondering why i celebrate the day i met my husband, it's because i have 3 wedding dates. One in July, 2 in september..jadi malas mau pikir mana satu kan..The day i met hubby is the most important day of al mah..so, we choose 14th Jun as our most special day.
So macam tu lah my planning so far. This coming saturday, me and hubby will go to Sitiawan to fetch our kids.
Well...i will update my blog soon..hehehe Till then ~tata~


Little Inbox said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy the celebration sepuas-puasnya.

Anonymous said...

bah...selamat beranniversary...jgn lupa share share kio..

Vienne said...

Happy anniversary..enjoy urself to the max...

Just said...

I think thats the reason why hubby nda mau mumy sia bw blk Cucu this Nov. Takut rmh sunyi sepi... hmm..

Anyway, cant wait for your anniversary story in the Minister Suite. Gilazz oo RM900 per nite... D

Nessa said...

Being nervous is good! ;)

Wahhh, ternganga sia tingu ko punya suite... santek oh!!

Nessa said...

Oh ya... Happy 11th anniversary KadusMama & hubby!

BTW, approve suda ka ko punya EC??

chegu carol said...

fuiyoooooo...basar oh tu suite. buli main bubut2 lagi kamu duarang di dalam. best!

nanti 13th baru sia wish ko pnya anniversary la. :)

elcynthia 엘신티아 said...

bah, enjoy your coming staying, coming dinner & coming anniversary!!!

msLabadin said...


mcm Chegu cakap: u all buli main bubut2 lagi dlm the suite... buli buat beberapa klip lagu hindustan tu: berguling2, tukar2 baju etc... hehehe

KaDusMama said...

Little Inbox ~ thank you.. :)

Mummy Zuan ~ nanti sia share juga tu.. :) jan risau..

Vienne ~ thank you dear..

KaDusMama said...

Just ~ itu lah..memang sunyi rumah kalau sudah biasa bising..
Nasib sia nda payah bayar tu RM900..kalau nda, sia pun nda sanggup oh..

Nessa ~ hehee..sia pun tenganga tingu tu golden suite..cantik gila..kalau ramai2 stay kali ok juga kan..
Sudah kana approved EC sia..tapi sia masih bingung nie!! hahaha Sia nda paham apa macam mau cari orang yang ada EC..heheheeeee

Carol ~ hahahahaa!!! iya bah...lain kali kita ramai2 kumpul duit, terus p stay sana kan..ada juga experience stay di Golden suite!!

Nessa said...

Congrats suda approve ko punya EC!! :D Your on your way to make ea$y money :D

To find others with the widgets, go to 'campaign' (atas sekali), it will go to a window with categories. Ko click seja mana2 blog ko suka, cari tu widget and drop.

To check org yang drop on your widget, click 'dashboard', then 'drops inbox'.

Oso, jan lupa approve org yang beli your ad space :)

Ish, sia pula yg eksaited nie... hehe

Nick Phillips said...

Wah, Kadusmama got Entrecard now :D Looks like I got one more place to drop ... hehehe ... Now we can all get rich together ... hehehe ...

Happy anniversary to you guys :D

sheell said...

Happy aniversary (in advance) wow..sana lagi..best nya...take care

memeljoan said...

Happy Anninersary ti...bah, apa mo nervous...relax bah...ekekke

Ida Athanazir said...

happy anniversary!!

so, extra fat dah reduce?? kan byk 'exercise' masa honey moon. So, dah boleh masok studio lah ambil foto togethergether byk byk. LOL. jgn mareh

KaDusMama said...

Elcynthia ~ tenkiu..i hope everything will be as i planned..

Maslabidin ~ Tenkiu! tenkiu..Minister suite cannot main bubut2..only the golden suite which i don't i will have a chance to step my foot inside it..hahahah angan2 jak lah..

Nessa ~ sia pun excited gila sudah sama nie EC ni...hahaha!! berbis sia p mengklik orang punya EC drop zone bah!! hahahaa
But still, banyak lagi sia mau belajar nie.. :) ada apa2 sia tanya ko lah nanti ah..

KaDusMama said...

Nick ~ ya! ya!!! hope we will get rich soon!! HAHAHA

Sheell ~ wat to do..malas mau pigi tempat outside from KL..sini KL pun ok juga..asalkan kami happy..hehehe
Anyway...thanx for the wish..

MemelJoan ~ eeeeeee..nervous juga! macam rasa pigi first date pulak!! hehehee

KaDusMama said...

Ida ~ LOL!!!! Photo tu tahun depan ambik!! tunggu perut nie slim dulu! extra fat is soooooo stubborn, it refused to go away..sabar saja lah!!

Mama Mia said...

wow...santeknya suite, padan la dgn rate dia kan.nasib baik la tida payah bayar :). Enjoy your stay & dinner with your hubby kio.

Princess Sabrina said...

Happy Anniversary....;)
Have fun on your date..hihi..:D

Choc Mint Girl said...

Hi, Ty and CW! Happy Wedding Anniversary!!! I love the Gift Cert part, betul2 berguna oh. :) Hope you guys have a sweet and memorable time together. :) *Hugs*

KaDusMama said...

Mama Mia ~ Iya bah mia..kalau mau bayar..arghhh nda sanggup lah..

Princess Sabrina ~ Sangat lah fun the date..hehee

Choc Mint Girl ~ iya bah cuz..nasib sia nda p jual tu cert..kalau nda rugi pulak..