Mar 10, 2009

Perfect modular home for you

So…my morning had been bad! Yeah..If you read my previous post, I’ve been ranting about the traffic jam I’ve to endure on the way to work and about some stupid moron drivers who don’t know how to use their car signal. But that was this morning. As I was having a bad morning, I was shopping online during lunch hour to make myself feel better and VOILA my mood improved instantly..!! Heheheeeeee

So other than shopping some sexy lingerie, I surf other stuffs too and guess what I found??? Yeah..I found about Modular homes. I’ve been working with an ID company for almost 5 years now and never in my entire career have I heard about modular homes. Have any of guys heard about it before????? I bet you don’t know about it either. So what is Modular Homes??? It's a house that built in section at the factory and 85% complete when it assembled where you wanted it to be. Unlike our house at kampong that built by many labors and took like months to finish, the modular homes are built in a factory and it’s really a cost saving choice. What I like about it the most, the house built is highly engineered and built stronger than our traditional house. Now…think about this..! You need a house, you have the design in your mind, but you hate to deal with many different contractors to get your house done. But that’s not going to happen when you get a modular house. All you have to do is, pick the land where you want your house to be, get your house design and built at factory, then send to the base and tadaaaaaaaaa…your house is 85% complete. The 15% minor works will be finished in no time at all. Amazing, right????

The sections of the house built in factory

The completed sections are being assembled on where you wanted your house to be! Amazing!!!!

But sad to say, we don’t have modular home in Malaysia yet…If we do, I’m sure I will be the first customer to get a modular home. At least I can save lotsssssssssss of money and no hassle of having my house full with defects here and there…! Don’t you think so????


Worship Leader said...

wow..that is really amazing! let me search for that..indeed, cost-saving houses are what's important nowadays..thanks for the info!

KaDusMama said...

Worship Leader ~ Firstly..thanx for dropping by here..
Secondly..its my great pleasure sharing about the modular homes. Not everyday we can find this kind of stuff, ya??

sheell said...

sound funny...hehehe but amazing. but since is not in malaysia yet so hehehe dream bout itla kan... but if u akan buat ur house using the modular...lemme know i want to see maybe I will appeal to it..

relax..dont let bad stupid driver ruin ur day...think that they have less sex last nite that's why they become moron in the morning..(hahaha)

take care mama

KaDusMama said...

Sheell ~ amazing kan??? Seriously..if they have modular homes in Malaysia..memang sia p order sudah..bulih buat rumah sana kampung.. :)
And bout the stupiak driver..maybe lah they had bad sex the nite before kan..??? hahahahhaaha

belleOFranau said...

ee..ada ba di malaysia ni KDmama...ada keluar buliten utama (berita TV3) kan aritu....lupa pula sy apa nama contractor dia..

KaDusMama said...

oh ya kah pulak????? Napa sia nda tau nie..alamak!! lambatnya sia......