Feb 23, 2010

The Lost World of Tambun story and cerita dulu-dulu

*Take out Big Vacuum*
*Start Vacuuming*
*Chasing after the spiders*
*Vacuum again*
Phewwww!!! I think my blog is a little bit cleaner now. I can't believe that i abandon my blog for more than 1 month now! I'm not even sure if i still have a readers.. :(
Before i go on..on and on..and on..and on with my story, I want to wish you guys a wonderful Chinese New Year (year of Tiger tu.. *ROARRRRRRRRRR*) and belated Valentine's Day.. hehehe I know Valentine's day had been like dulu-dulu already..but who cares..hehehehe
Hmmmmm...what to tell this time ah??
:: I'm old now..LOL!! I mean, i just hit the number 3o's this year, and OMG i feel like i'm a grandma already..I think i even sounds like one..hahaha But yeah..i celebrated my 30th Birthday 2 weeks ago with a small cake cutting ceremony with hubby and Inesha only (isaac fell asleep before we makan cake). This year, i was given a choice to choose my birthday present. So for almost 1 month, i was in dilemma whether to choose the sleek blackberry storm or the organic beauty products (that i was dyinggggggggggg to have since last year). Blackberry...jurlique..blackberry...jurlique??????? And finally i made my decision to get the jurlique products..hehehehehheehe (Thanks to hubby for letting me buy Jurlique's products to my heart content that day! :P) You guys must be thinking i'm such an idiot to choose beauty products over a blackberry kan?? Well..the reason for me to want a blackberry was because : I WANT TO ONLINE DURING MY CLASSES! Hahahahhaaaa The reason was soooooooooooooo wrong. And of course the monthly bill i have to pay if I own a blackberry is not interesting too.. So Jurlique's products are better lah!!
go check out www.jurlique.com for these products or you can go to The Curve to check it out.Hehehe Don't ask me about the price ok..nanti hubby sakit hati again!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
:: About my study..OMG!!! I think i'm in a big trouble now..i haven't finish any single assignments given..and i didn't even submit my test which is already overdue long time ago. Arghhhhh...i thought i will be better this semester, but i was wrong...Due to the crazy work (before CNY), i had no time to do anything other than my works in office. If you are my friend in FB, i'm sure you noticed that i only update my wall status in the morning and rarely afternoon or evening..hehe itu saja jak tu..at least people know that i'm still alive..
:: Weeks ago, i was sick for 5 days where i can't eat without vomiting like crazy..I was feeling nauseated all the time...and feeling so weak! Wah i thought "DIE!!! i can't be pregnant again!!!" But of course i knew that i wasn't pregnant..no way i can get pregnant as telur belum released lagi lah that time..ekekekekeke not enough with vomiting and dizziness, i had a very bad diarrhea that sent me to toilet every 2 hours..can you imagine i lost 3.5kg of my weight within 5 days?? crazy kan?????
:: About my CNY celebration..nothing special this year..Bonus is the same like last year..not even RM1 different.. Our company was closed on 12th Feb and re-opened yesterday.. Instead of spending our holiday resting, me and hubby spent our time cleaning our 'hit-by-a-tornado' house..ekekeke Wah..banyaknya sampah sarap we threw..and we have 4 biggggggggg plastics beg of clothes to be given out to the charity house. (We still haven't give it out yet coz' we don't know where to send it).
:: The only place us, family went during holiday was to Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh. Wah lauuuuu..We were badly sun burned oh..until now, my still skin has a different tones..haha macam kuda belang @ zebra..
Here are some of the photos taken that day.. (i have about 300 photos taken, about 1.2GB in size), but i'm not going to upload all of it, or else you will die in boredom seeing almost the same photos over and over again! ekekekekekeke
Me and my 'brother' and 'sister' wakakakaka
Inesha was with me under the crazy, hot, scorching sun, paddling the 'swan'
Hmmmmm...not sure what kind of pose she gave me..cute2 pose kali
My beautiful girl
my colleague told me, this place look like Sunway Lagoon. Iya kah?? I never been to Sunway Lagoon lah..
Hubby and Kids tengah berenang2.. :P
Ok? Who want to hire this small girl to become your model?
I was wondering why so many people gathered under the big drum...rupanya they were waiting for the big splash..chis!!!
Inesha pretending to be asleep..
Nah main pasir..
This is my favourite photo of all!! ekekekekeke Cute kan?????
Isaac spent almost 2 hours swimming and splashing here and there, and see what happened to his hand??? Habis bekerudutttt (wrinkled)
We went back to Sitiawan around 6pm.
Oh by the way...Lost World of Tambun is under Sunway, ehehehe
And that's about our trip that day! We spent less than RM200 in there.
+ Entry Fees - RM108 (adult RM30 each and kids RM24 each)
+ Rent 2 lockers to keep our stuffs (RM20)
+ Tube Rental (RM12)
+ Swan (dalam kolam tu lah... RM12, *RM3 per pax)
+ Foods for the animal in Petting Zoo (RM3)
+ Lunch (RM30++)
Nah!! Not really expensive kan??? Initially, we planned to go to Genting Highland bah tu, but as we never been to Tambun theme park before, we changed our mind and went there instead..If we were to go to Genting Highland, I'm sure hubby had to spend not less than RM500 oh..Other than than our Sun burned skin, i think Lost World of Tambun is a nice place to visit lah..
So...macam itu lah the story of my absence (almost 2 months)..Nothing much kan..
Eh.!! Lupa pulak mau kestau..My daughter is going to school already...nyeahhhh!!! She is 3 years and 2 months only, but hubby said she will be alright as she always wanted to go to school with Isaac..So yesterday was her 1st day of school lah.. No crying..no sad face..only excitement for her..hehehehee
See..muka happy kan?
So i guess, i have to end my story now (too long post will make you sleep pulak..hehehehe)..Till i update my blog again (yang ntah bila), Take care guys.. :D


sHeiLa said...

welcome back!

hehee..i also never been to tambun. they said it's a big place..macam the sunway la juga..yaka?

Nick Phillips said...

Aiyooo Kadusmama, if you feel like a grandma, what does that make me la? LOL!!

The Lost World of Tambum looks like just the place I should plan for my next holiday :D

Welcome back to the blogging world.

maslight said...

OMG, the line is so lag that the photos aren't loading. What?! T_T wut does that make me? Ancient grandma? *sobbing. Kadusmama is 30?! I'm 1 year older?! What?!

Nessa said...

haish... wat took you so long to update??! LOL!

welkam bek :D lapas ni, sure ko MIA lagi :'(

30 is still young baitu... sia ni mo masuk 40 sudah... nenek kepada nenek punya nenek! uwahhhhh

Nice la tu Tambun Lost World... macam sia mo pigi seja tapi dalam mimpi seja la... ekekekeke

Fely said...

Hey hey!
Welcome back! What lovely pictures. Gives me an idea where to go next time we come back to malaysia for a visit. Hope you had a lovely CNY break. X

reanaclaire said...

hi kadusmama, i m still here following your blog.. take yr time, u got so much up on your sleeves.. never say old.. hehehe.. i m much older! dont remind me.. :)
have a nice day.. take care..

SJB said...

Welcome back (^_^).

Same here, love the organic beauty products too heheh. But not the same name lah.

Note: Nice pictures.

Cath J said...

Very nice place to visit....

Heloooooooooooooooooo.... 30 is OLD???? No sayanggg.... 60 years and above is OLD k....

aduiiiiiiii.... hehehehehe... if 30 is old... yg mcm kami ni lebih older than you apa lah??? hahahahhaha... kerepot??? adui gia... sensitif tu...hahahhahahah

KaDusMama said...

Oh wow!! i Still have you guyss reading my blog!! Thank you..!!!

Sheila ~ Since i never been to Sunway Lagoon before, sia pun nda sure apa macam besar sana..but Tambun is quite a nice place..surrounded with a greenery (hutan bah sekeliling dia)

Nick Phillips ~ Heheee...i just feel old nowadays..
And yes..you should go to Tambun..your boys will like it..

Maslight ~ AHAHAHAHA! Ko nie bah..

KaDusMama said...

Nessa ~ besa lah bah sia nie..habis before this masih numbur '2' di depan..hehee
I hope i can spend more time to blog lah after this..penat kepala sia hari2 keja..anak..keja anak.(study jarang nie..hehehehehe)
Bah nessa, kalau ada masa, p lah sana Lost world.. :D sekali sekala bah..

Fely ~ Yeah..you can bring your family to tambun.. :D
My CNY celebration is ok..nothing special but at least the holiday was longer...

Reanaclaire ~ Thank you for still visiting my blog... :D

KaDusMama said...

SJB ~ :D Let me guess, you are using Dr.H products? hehe

Cath J ~ I felt old..hehehe maybe because of the wrinkles that start to show?

Nora said...

Hi Kadus mama,

Adei samalah kita busy sampai blog inda terupdate and luckily you have FB in the office... mine sudah kena block!. The MIS department said the server slow sebab banyak orang buka FB haha... padan muka kami..:P.

Anyway, I only Fbing dirumah ja lah. Me also macam you, thinking to buy blackberry so I can online dimana-mama. Ohya, I privated my blog, kalau sudi baca, just email me your email so I can invite. My email is norbabyz@yahoo.com.

Happy belated CNY & Valentine day kio..

Adora said...

;-) Ko pun MIA jg pula dlm blogging ah.

If am not mistaken sy mcm pernah pi suda d Tambun ni, not sure la. Mcm bukit hijau jg pla tu tempat. Confuse ni.

Anyway, wishing u happy belated CNY, belated birthday, belated V-day. ;-)

Last but not least, CUTEEE oh sumandak ko p sikul. Mcm mo cepat2 beranak ja nii.hehehe

belleOFranau said...

hahahaha...akhirnya ko [post juga something..hahahaha...pass lah..siok ni cuti ko..sy hemm...di rumah jak ni...

KaDusMama said...

Nora ~ alamak!!! kena block??? bah terpaksa lah ko bawa modem sendiri p keja nie..heheheheh
Ok juga bah ada blackberry, tapi ongkos mau bayar tiap2 bulan tu..duiii nda sanggup sia..
Nanti sia email ko email sia.. :D

Adora ~ Macam lamaaaaaaa sudah sia hilang oh..dekat dua bulan..hehehehe
Tu tempat memang kena keliling bukit dan pokok2 hijau nie..siokkkk terus peaceful life..
Oh..thanx for the triple wish..hehehehhehehehhe

* bah cepat lah beranak..HAHAHHA

BelleOFranau ~ Iya..lama sudah sia mau update blog sia bah tu, tapi teda masa sia..
Ko sudah siap assignment???

chegu carol said...

wahhhhhh product kecantikan...bagus tu! :D

biar pun lama ko tia update, kami suma tataps akan dtg mengomen...hehehehe

Mimi said...

Alaaaa.... you should have chosen the BB.. You won't know the joy until you have one.. BUT, if you sign up with Celcom, MAYBE you can get Storm for free.. I'm not sure though.. It'll be sweet if you can..

Anyway, welcome back.. you're missed.. :)

Ida Athanazir said...

he hee... that little orange/peach uniform is so adorable!

so long u off ah?? sure banyak mau update. Nice photos and I want to feel that water falls on me too!

Just said...

Gong Xi Fa Chai, Ty.. blm lg Chap Go Mei ba kan.. heheh

Mcm siok pulak tu Tambun tu kan.. Ba, next time sia pigi.. Heheh..

Wyne Ren @ Mauve Ocean Blue said...

Ty, well...at least your CNY ada juga bawa your kids pigi jalan2...^_6

Gong Xi Fa Cai ya...2 hari lagi Chap Goh Mei...makan besar lagi kitorang!

ms_bonong said...

uyoo.. been very lama tidak visit ur blog.. tup2 ur daughter sudah basar oo kan... ur son makin kacak..

happy CNY

mommieZee said...

mesti ko sibuk tul kan ty.lama x update blog. samalah kita tue. banyak tul assignment.mid term lagi. tapi apa pun, jangan worry,sy tatap follow blog ko..

KaDusMama said...

Chegu Carol ~ :D iya..bagus tu sebab dia organic..

Mimi ~ at first memang mau tu BB..but after thinking for like 1 week, nda jadi mau..coz' i want BB for the wrong reason..mau berFB masa kelas! hahaha mati lah!

Ida ~ :D very bright and striking uniform kan?
I was MIA for almost 2 months..was busy with works.
How are u?

KaDusMama said...

Just ~ alahhh..by the time i reply ur comment, habis sudah chap goh mei.. :D
Dorang lebih kurang jugaa bah tu Sunway Lagoon and Tambun..tapi tambun punya murah sikit, and siok sebab sekeliling dia hutan.. :D

Mouren ~ Iya..1 tahun 1 kali jak jalan tu..bukan selalu..

Ms_Bonong ~ wahhhhh...lama tia dengar kabar ko.. How are you??
Dua2 anak sia besar sudah skrg.. :D

Mama Mia said...

hi Ty, happy belated bday kio..sia terlupa pulak. siou ah..

jgn ko risau Ty. wpun lama ko nda update blog..ramai lagi bah loyal readers ko..hihi..

deekkyy said...

wow..nice pict...visit my blog..nice to meet you


joe said...

Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is great blog. A great read. Ill definitely be back.
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