May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to me and other mommies in the world

Yay!! Tomorrow is a special day for all mothers in the world. No mother should lift up their finger tomorrow, because I'm not going to.
I've received a nice card from Son last night. I was having my dinner with hubby when Son with a happy face giving me his 'self-coloured' card. Hehe It is very cute and I'm soooo flattered because i never receive Mother's Day Card before. Anyway, as Son was so excited showing me his creative work (the Card) done at school, I asked him what the card for and who it is for? Guess what was his answer.
"It's for me. For birthday."
Aisehmen. I thought it is for me la konon. Then Hubby corrected him that the card is actually for Mommy.
As for tomorrow, we have no plan yet. Few days ago, i asked hubby whether I'm going to get anything special for Mother's Day. It was a simple conversation that make me little bit 'kecik hati'
"Be (short for Baby and pronounce 'BEH'), Mother's Day coming soon. What's the plan?" Me asked hubby
"See lah. Maybe dinner outside lah" Hubby answered me
" there anything special for me then? Gift? No present meh?" Batted eyelashes while asking
"Huh??!! You are not my mother lah"
"*&%^*($&^%())(*%^$^!!!!!!!!!!" Kecilnya my hati
So cruel kan say like that. (Yeah Baby, i know you are reading my post!!) I'm still the mother of his two cute children mah. I cannot expect my my two small kids to plan the day for me. A hugs from them is just what i need. As for hubby, i just want a special day for me lah!!! Think something lah..
Enough with my ranting, I hope everybody going to have a wonderful weekend. To Mothers, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.. and to my beloved Mother.. I LOVE YOU (Aiseh..she is not reading my post pun)
p/s. I'm still in a dizzy spell right now. Update: die! i just noticed i spell my word tunggang tebalik!


Little Inbox said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Mia Evan said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I know I shouldn't laugh but I just can't stand reading it. Your hubby being the man he is...straightforward bah.

Anyways, Happy Mother's day to you TT. You are good mother i'm sure.

KaDusMama said...

Little inbox ~ TQ.

M@urine ~ Bah ko bila??

Chegu ~ Bikin gerigitan kan..memang lah i'm not his mother..but i'm the mother of his children bah kan..hehe
T@ for the wish..enjoy this weekend ah.. :)

@dR3h said...

Hey Titty!
Been reading your blog for sometime now.. you still remember me ka? Anyways.. Happy Mother's Day to you :) Hopefully you get la that special something from your hubby ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy mother's day! Hope you will get a big surprise from your hubby, mungkin dia main main saja ba tu..jangan kecil hati ba gia. :D

Anonymous said...

Happy mother's day KDM! Tak apa bah, masih ada lagi "father's day" yang boleh ko balas balik... :D

Rafiq Abdul Rahim said...

Happy Mother's Day! :)kesian bah you..nda pa, ada bah something special tu.

KaDusMama said...

@dr3h ~ of course i remember you.. :) Thanx for the wish!

Emelda ~ Tsk! tsk! lagi kecil hati sia nie..not even a wish from hubby!

Queen Bee ~ Yep! I'm planning to get even masa Father's day nie nanti! heheeeee

Rafiq ~ Nothing special bah..only makan dinner..thats all..he didn't even wish me yesterday. Sad kan..

Nick Phillips said...

Well, at least your son made you a nice card :D And like queen bee said, there's always father's day to take your revenge on him ... hahaha ...

Anonymous said...

Isaac (kadus_mama's son) : mummy! mummy! can i take your money ?
kadus_mama : why ? cannot take mummy's money ...
Isaac : then Isaac wanna borrow lah ...
kadus_mama : why u want money for ?
Isaac : i wanna buy things for Daddy lah ... "is teacher said one" ...

hahaha ... no worry daddy will teach him later when "father day" come .... gd luck !!!

KaDusMama said...

Nick ~ Yeah! I still get one card from son. :)

Anon ~ Hahahaa!! When you make this conversation, i instantly know who you are. Don't worry i will teach son to ask money from me which i took from daddy. heheee