Dec 17, 2012

Apple Ipad Mini

Last Saturday was my lucky day.. 

I went for my previous company annual dinner (i was invited ok! ) .... and I was so lucky that night...

I won one of the grand prizes. HEHEHEEHE!!!! The best part of all, I have planned to buy the ipad mini come January, but now.. I can save my money and maybe buy iphone 5 instead?? (HAHAHA yeright!)

Kids love the ipad so much as it it smaller, easier to hold and I think, the photos taken are much clearer and sharper. 

Ipad Mini

But to tell you the truth, the Ipad mini is more for games... I have yet to use it to watch movies and stuffs... from my personal opinion ... It is more convenient than the original ipad (too big for me) and it is lighter...oh well...wait until I start using it for photos editing......then I'll know if it's ok or not.. :D

BTW...I will be off back home for 2 weeks for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeay!!! and my flight back is TOMORROW!!!! wohoooooo....

More pics will come during holiday and maybe after that...

Till then...... `TATA`

Soda Gembira at Warung Leko

It was family day out yesterday and also my last day to go out to shop for Christmas. Walking here and there...tired as we were...hubby brought us to Warung Leko that serve Indonesian Food for dinner (at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara)
The menu...goodness me! It was so hard to understand the foods name as the names, are in Indonesian Words. But particular drink...caught my attention. The SODA GEMBIRA! haha... Ordered it, and after I drank it...Really...I WAS SO GEMBIRA! :P

Cut my story short....the foods were very nice..especially the Ayam Penyet...Ikan telipia goreng was ok (not that wowwwww) ... The sambal belacan with level of spiciness : Not spicy, Medium Spicy, Spicy and Extra Spicy, will make you eat  more that you intend to. Oh! the kangkung (kangkung was not in the picture..LOL) was very nice too... nyummmm



ES JERUK DEGAN - orange juice + coconut? @_@

Price of foods are reasonable I think. But for sure, I will definitely go back for the ayam penyet soon. 

Now...I better do my work before my boss come to the office.. :)

Chiao ~

Dec 13, 2012

I am back for sure!

Hola! I am not sure if this blog is still alive...

For sure...I'm going back to the blogging world (didn't I say the same thing in my last post?? LOL)..

So for now...let me check if I still have my blogger friends here... :

"Why have bread when you can have a salmon"

What is with the above sentence? Oh well...I am just testing on something.. :)

Gotta go now.... ^____________^

"Enlarge your house with glue" --> I'm wondering why people wanna enlarge their house with a glue? :-/

Mar 13, 2012

Nope!! No way!!

Of the last post, meh... Don't think i will be able to blog as much as i wanted to..sighhhhhhhhh from construction line to moving/shipping turned out to be busier than i initially thought..

Oh i am still very new in this industry..(only 1 month??) .. I might need more time to learn the system and all the processes of relocation...
So yeah...sad to say good to intention to be back in the blogging industry to be postponed once again until further notice... Zzzzz

Feb 25, 2012

Testing testing #1 post fior 2012

Alohaaaaa guyssss!!!! Anybodyyy hommmeeee????